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Mastering any skill is a lifelong journey. But with Forte Knowledge, your journey to career transformation begins in months—not years. Our practical, hands-on engineering courses help students build and strengthen their IT skills, then start working on real applications for some of Chicago’s top technology companies.

About Forte Knowledge

Let's Take Your Career to the Next Level

Founded in 2010, Forte Knowledge focuses on intensive and specialized IT training and career services that help our graduates achieve their career goals. Whether you’re considering entering the IT industry, looking to enhance your coding skills, or aiming for the next level in your career, Forte Knowledge helps you bring your vision to life.

What You'll Get


With instruction and guidance from working IT professionals, you’ll gain the skills you need to kick-start your career in software engineering, quality assurance, and testing.



You’ll learn from Chicago’s top technology professionals. Our instructors build and design software applications every day. They know the industry and technology and offer personalized career guidance to help you get ahead.


Job Placement

Forte Knowledge instructors connect you with experienced recruiters at Forte Group to help you land your dream job. Once you’ve learned the technical skills you need, we help improve your resume, sharpen your interview skills, land internships, and find real IT employment.

Job Placement

Our Instructors

Suman Katter

Suman Katter

Senior Scrum Master and Agile Coach

Tony Vizza

Tony Vizza

Quality Assurance (QA) Manager at Insureon

Cleber Baldan Junior

Cleber Baldan Junior

Software Development Engineer at Forte Group

Natalya Ostrovskaya

Natalya Ostrovskaya

IT Manager at Exelon

What Graduates Say

There are two important things that one needs to have when thinking of starting a new career: knowledge and confidence. I’m thankful that I got both from my training experience at Forte Knowledge. While I was taking classes, the staff became my close friends and supported me from admission to graduation—then, to finding a job. I'm so happy that I've started my own career in QA testing!

Viktoriia Stefanska, Motorola

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should take a Forte Knowledge course?

    Forte Knowledge students have a wide range of experience and come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups. Our classes take place in the evenings in downtown Chicago and are ideal for working professionals looking to expand their technical expertise, learn a new skill, or advance their career. If you’re interested in learning whether Forte Knowledge is right for you, you can reach out to one of our career advisors for a consultation on our course offerings and which is the best fit for you.

  • I'm interested in the Quality Assurance Test with Selenium course but have no previous experience in the IT field. Can I take this course?

    Related manual testing knowledge is required to take this course. We encourage our students to first take the QA manual test course, which will prepare them for this course.

  • What is the instructor-to-student ratio in each class?

    Our classes are, on average, a 1:10 instructor-to-student ratio. This helps us ensure that our students are fully prepared at the end of each course. We also have a teaching assistant to help students outside the classroom if they need extra one-on-one training.

  • Are weekend classes offered?

    At the moment, we only offer evening weekday courses. Most of our students and instructors are working professionals during the day. As such, we find that it’s most convenient for our students and instructors to have classes that take place on weekday evenings.

  • In which industries can I expect to land a job after my certification?

    Forte Knowledge graduates end up in a wide variety of roles following certification. Here are a few common industries, however: applied technology, banking and financial services, healthcare, and business.

  • Are there any online courses or remote options to take courses?

    Currently, we only offer onsite courses. We find that, through hands-on interaction with instructors, our students get the most out of their Forte Knowledge learning experience.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes, we have a convenient monthly payment plan for you. Our interest is for you to succeed, so we work with you to provide flexible payment plans to take Forte Knowledge courses.

  • Do you guys offer any internships?

    We provide our qualified students with internships that can potentially lead to job placements. According to industry experts and recruiters, internships are key to building experience and employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume.

  • Do you offer real-life testing practice?

    Yes! During classes, you will learn: Software development methodologies, the role of quality assurance in a software development lifecycle, common software testing life cycles, software testing types and definitions, test planning, test design, test case development, and test execution and results analysis. Throughout the eight lab sessions, you will go in-depth into defect hunting, test planning, test execution, using popular software testing tools.

  • Are there any discounts for this course?

    We offer great discounts for all of our courses. Register one month before a class begins to get a 15% percent discount, or a 10% discount if you register two weeks before classes. Plus, check our website periodically or subscribe to our newsletter for a seasonal special discount of 20%.

  • Why should I choose Forte Knowledge?

    We offer up-to-date technologies and industry professional instructors with the most up to date skills needed for today’s IT market. We provide our students with internships that can potentially lead to job placements. We offer great discounts for all our courses and have convenient monthly payment plans. Forte Knowledge is accredited by Illinois Technology Association and Illinois Board of Higher Education. We help our students with resume formatting and also invite them to participate in an engaging workshop on job interview preparation skills, conducted by industry experts.

  • How long do courses take?

    Each course lasts for 2-3 months with two 3-hour classes each week.

  • What's the starting salary in an IT field?

    Salaries vary, depending on industry and role, but the demand for software engineers, QA analysts, and testing experts is universally on the rise. For detailed salary information in the field you’re looking into, check out PayScale. An example: the average annual salary for a Selenium tester is $83,200 per year. 

  • How much is the course?

    The cost of the course varies according to the level of the program. The tuition for Manual Testing is $2,000, in Automated Testing with Selenium, $3,000, Product Owner, $3,200

  • Can I retake a course? How much will it cost?

    Yes, you can retake any course for $500.