What Our Graduates Say

  • Sam Griffith
    Quality Analyst at Kranze Technology Solutions
    I am emailing you to let you know that I am about a month in to a full time QA position! I wanted to thank you and Forte Knowledge for assisting me with finding a job and helping me gain the experience I needed to have a real deal career job! I cannot thank you enough! I also wanted to thank Yemi Akisanya for his teachings, as they too were paramount for my newfound success. Once again, thank you so much for Forte’s assistance with my future!
  • Alla Perepelytsia
    QA Analyst at FGS Inc.
    I found out about Forte Knowledge from my friend who finished the manual testing course and was successfully employed as a QA Analyst. After doing some research I decided to take this course myself. I was very optimistic because I have heard only good things about the school. I decided to put it in all my time and effort and get the best grades, attendance. The class was interesting, we have learned the theory, practiced creating test cases, worked on a presentation. The teacher has a great personality so his classes were always interesting and never boring. After graduation I was offered a 4 week internship with the help of Forte Knowledge and it was a great experience. Then I started working as a QA Analyst and have been working for almost a month now. I like this job and am very happy I decided to take QA Manual course with Forte Knowledge!
  • Elliot Nathanson
    Senior Android Developer at Dust and Roses Computing, LLC
    Between the Android training I took at Forte Knowledge and Forte’s consulting arm, I was quite confident that I would secure an Android Software Development position. The training increased my Android knowledge considerably, and I ended up accepting a job offer prior to the class finishing.
  • Roger Fassinou
    Ethical Hacker - Websites and Android Applications Developer
    I am very happy to say my dream comes true thanks to Forte Knowledge. Few months ago, I came in with a background of Websites developer, and today, I come out with knowledge in Android Applications Development. Forte Knowledge gave me what I need to create successfully any Android Apps from scratch. I know how they coached me easily and got me on the track. The coaching they provide is simply wow! If you would like to learn how to develop Android Applications, I strongly recommend Forte Knowledge.
  • Modesto Rosario
    Test Engineer at Scientific Games
    I needed a career change and decided on transitioning into Quality Assurance. I was made aware of Forte through a friend and decided to enroll. The classes were informative and lively. Our instructor, Yemi, did a great job preparing the class for a testing roll and providing vital knowledge of industry standards. The Forte staff regularly checked in our progress and to ensure our success. They also assisted in structuring my resume which has led to a role as a test engineer for SG interactive.
  • Henry Wang
    Android Developer at Productive Edg
    It was a great learning opportunity! The instructor was professional and did a good job customizing the course for us and covering all the topics of interest for us. The class was a good mixture of practices and theories. Highly recommend this course for anyone who intend to build Android applications.
  • Svetlana Ko
    QA Manual Graduate
    Thanks to Forte Knowledge for a great class organization It was a great experience for me learning something new. Having all class presentations and video class records which were sent out every time made all studying process comprehensible and convenient. Special thank you to Yemi. He is an amazing person and teacher.
  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Product Manager at ContextMedia, Inc.
    I am now the first QA Analyst at ContextMedia. I wanted to let you know that this is highly due to Yuriy’s great instruction, and ability to integrate Real World Examples throughout each lesson. The information and examples I learned in class allowed for me to be promoted from within with the newly gained QA knowledge, instead of the business hiring someone else that is not as familiar with the core products. I look forward to finishing the class, and I just wanted to say thank you for your program and the opportunity that emerged as a result of taking this course.
  • Iona Jonson
    QA Analyst at kCura
    I was offered an internship after graduating Forte’s Manual and Automated QA Testing class. Subsequently, the Forte Group placement agency secured me a contracted QA Analyst position with a progressive Chicago Software Company. Forte has a career path that helps their students and graduates to remain focused until they have obtained success
  • Daria Daniyalian
    Quality Assurance Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland
    Forte Knowledge and Forte Group prepped me with all the tools I needed to get a job. The instructors and everyone else in the company were eager to help and were very accommodating. The class equipped me with the skills I need to do my job well. Recruiters from Forte Group prepared me for my future interviews. It was a great decision to go ahead with Forte as they are also a staffing company in addition to IT Training. I am very grateful for all the effort they have put into me; thanks to their attentiveness and experience I was able to secure a job from the very first interview.
  • Svetlana Deryuga
    Lead QA Analyst at FGS Inc.
    I think Forte Knowledge’s classes were very informative, containing a lot of examples from real life. Instructors chose up-to-date materials, worked well with the whole group, and were able to help us personally with any issues that occurred. When I started my interviews, I knew already what to expect and how to behave. Theoretical classes and experience gained during the internship made me confident and allowed me to easily answer both theoretical and practical questions. I received a couple of offers in the month after I finished classes. Now I work in the Chicago Board Options Exchange as a programmer/analyst. I started my work being fully prepared for my position. Due to my knowledge and skills, I became a competitive member of the team. Forte Knowledge’s QA courses helped me a lot to get my current job.
  • Dmitry Prigorenko
    Lead QA Analyst
    I am working at a great job now. Forte Knowledge is a school that has a true interest in helping everyone. I learned all the skills I need to confidently work in my current position. Not only did I learn everything I need to know to do my job, but I also learned how to get a job and properly display professionalism at an interview. That was a great help. I will be returning to Forte Knowledge for further education!
  • Ademola Costa
    System Analyst at USDA
    Great instructors! It was a very well put together class and a great hands-on experience. I am very comfortable applying my newly developed skills using the Android platform. I would return to Forte Knowledge for more training.
  • Lana Baranov
    Sr. QA Analyst at Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
    I had completed the Quality Assurance Manual and Automation testing courses at Forte Knowledge. The teachers portrayed great interest in the students and offered us a lot of attention. I would recommend these classes to anyone interested in learning more about the manual testing and automation field and to help improve your performance at an interview. The additional resume preparation training sessions did make me feel more confident.
  • Shishir K. Gupta
    QA Analyst at Redbox
    A very well put together class. The teachers and staff at Forte Group and Forte Knowledge really try and prepare you for the workforce. I took the class just for a better understanding in the manual and automation testing fields and am very glad that I did. The recruiters at Forte Group are very pleasant to speak with and can make sessions like resume preparation fun.
  • Ethan Linkner
    VP of Operations at VLINKS MEDIA
    I just want to say how impressed I am with your team’s work. Their notes were clear and easy to understand. Everything was completed fast and with a high degree of competency. I am looking forward to working with them over the next couple weeks
  • Jeb Ory
    Forte Knowledge’s trainee program is one of the best QA resources available to the Chicago technology community. If you aren’t working with Forte, you are not shipping [a] good product.