Introduction to Manual testing

Generally, people think of Software testing as assuring quality products by identifying and preventing bugs in a software program. However, i think its much bigger than that, i consider software testing the gateway to innovation, collaboration, outside the box thinkers, performance and accountability.Yemi Akisanya

Manual Testing

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QA 101: Introduction to Manual Testing (64 hours)

This course is designed with the novice tester in mind. Whether you’re completely new to software development or have experience in other areas of software development and are now considering a move into the testing field, the materials are intended to give you a basic understanding of the software testing process and insight into your role and responsibilities as a professional software tester.

We’ll cover basic SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle Development) methodologies, both traditional, so-called “waterfall” projects as well as the more recent “Agile” style of development. Although you are not studying to become a developer, understanding the software design and creation process will improve your skills and effectiveness as a tester.

After an overview of the development process, we’ll cover basic software testing techniques, most of which will be viewed from the perspective of someone who uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is a technical software development term for the web page display that you normally use when interacting with any software program.

The course is comprised of an overview of development and testing techniques followed by hands-on exercises designed to reinforce an understanding of the materials.
Upon successful completion, you will have the knowledge and the hands-on experience that will enable you to confidently and thoroughly test a software application through a user interface.

Yemi Akisanya
About instructor

Yemi Akisanya is an innovative and goal oriented Senior Quality Assurance Analyst with over 6 years of Financial Market Industry, including 9 years in Technology where he has held positions as Senior and Lead Quality Assurance Analyst and is currently a Senior Business Analyst in the New Product Development Group of OCC. In his current role, Yemi serves as a liaison between the external business customers – exchanges, members vendors – and OCC’s internal organizations including IT, operations, membership services and legal, in order to provide technical and procedural solutions to meet user needs. Possesses expertise in derivatives clearing, as well as an understanding of the IT and clearing organization’s systems and capabilities. Yemi serves as the Business Subject Matter Expert and is responsible for writing System Requirement Specifications (SRS) and leading and facilitating the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).