A Day in the life of a Quality Assurance Tester

Sitting at a desk all day long staring at a screen in an isolated bubble doing the same thing day in and day out, this is what most people think an IT professional does all day. Most assumptions about the IT world are wrong, especially the idea of what a Tester does. Every day is different. There are new projects and each has their own unique hurdles. The world of IT is constantly changing and to keep up, a Manual Tester’s job continues to change. As a former Forte Knowledge student, Dasha Savinova, puts it, “quality is a never-ending process of improvement!”

No day is ever the same as the previous day and a Quality Assurance Tester (QA Tester) never stops learning. There are, however, a few key tasks that are done from day to day such as discovering, documenting, and reporting bugs. Often times a tester will work one on one closely with a developer to fix those bugs, a great opportunity to learn. Bugs are documented and shown to the client to keep them updated on the progress of the project. A Tester can also expect to create test plans based on requirements, execute those test plans, report the defects, perform validations, and report the bugs and their fixes at a meeting. A Tester will also need to participate in meetings and communicate with both the Development and Business Teams.

The Forte Knowledge Quality Assurance Program prepares students for these daily tasks as well as teaches them how to keep up in a changing IT environment. The class is for people with basic computer skills, in 4 months the Program teaches how to become a Quality Assurance Tester. You’ll not only learn the basics of testing, but hands-on experience and get great referrals! With lots of jobs available in the Chicago area, including entry level positions and internships, there’s virtually no reason not to start your IT career.

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