Quality Assurance Graduation Spring 2013

With the sweet smell of success in the air, the students quickly file in, full of excitement and ready to begin their Interview preparation class. After 4 months of hard work and sweat in front their computers, completing the Quality Assurance Training Program which includes Manual Testing and Test Automation. The students were ready to receive their certificates.

The last class of every Forte Knowledge Program is an Interview Preparation, taught by the talented IT Project Manager, Natalya Ostrovskaya. Although I myself am not a graduate, I am in the class along with several other non-graduates, to learn interview preparation skills. We were given interview scenarios and had to act them out, addressing our biggest anxieties. The class was very candid and honest, which makes for the best practice. Each student gave a 3 minute presentation and Natalya gave them personalized advice on what to change in order to get hired in their next interview. There was a lot of laughter as even the shyest students felt confident and empowered by the end of the workshop.

You don’t need to have a technical background in order to take the Quality Assurance Training Program from Forte Knowledge, although you have be detail oriented, hard-working and to love being in front of the computer. Sitting among the graduates made me want to be more involved in the tech world even more.

Check out all the courses offered from Forte Knowledge and find out how you can be sitting in the next interview preparation session waiting to start your new IT career!

Next Free event is Android Seminar: How to build a simple app. Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30pm

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