Test Automation with Selenium

Our world is going mobile. It is a path with no way back, and this is only possible because of the internet. Each day, people demand better, simpler, and faster solutions for their daily lives. Although technology is very easy to use when it becomes available, only a few know everything that goes on in the backstage to make it all happen. Testing is among the most important things that need to happen, and when we are talking about testing and web, Selenium stands out. Selenium is a state of art test-automation tool. It allows an automation developer to build simple or complex browser tests that will guarantee that a web application behaves as it should under normal flows or under the most unexpected user behaviors. This powerful tool has a high market demand and will help you better understand how the web works, and obviously, leverage your IT career. Don’t miss out.Cleber Baldan Jr.

Test Automation with Selenium

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As a Quality Assurance Tester you will be at the heart of the software development process.

You must be detail-oriented and love to spend hours in front of the computer to become a tester. The main responsibility of a Tester is to find mistakes in websites and software applications. Becoming a Software Quality Assurance is easy, and you don’t need any programing background to study in the Program.

Even during times of economic slowdown, QA testers are always needed. Because software development is a world-wide trend, you can often work from home testing software from another country. Many QA Tester positions are project-based, so the better Tester you become, the faster your salary will grow. New software is being developed every day all over the world.

Quality Assurance Test Automation with Selenium (60 hours)

Selenium is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and most powerful test automation tools. It is an open-source framework for testing web-based applications, which can run in many browsers and is supported on all major platforms. In the first part of the course you will learn the definitions, terms, and how to create a simple test using Selenium WebDriver. You will then dive into test frameworks and Web elements recognition, and will understand additional possibilities of elements recognition, including building tools, creating framework and framework architecture. You also learn how to organize test automation process within continuous integration, design patterns in test automation and Remote test running. The course will conclude with using virtualization and problem solving to prepare you to work as a Selenium Automation Tester.

The next session begins soon. Classes will be held at our downtown location from 6-9PM.

Cleber Baldan Junior

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Computer Software Engineering at Veris

About instructor

Cleber has been working as a Automation Tester for over five years. He obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA), Computer Software Engineering at Veris. Cleber conducts proactive classes to get students interested in the subject as well as providing them with profound theory and hands-on experience during practical classes..