About Us

Founded in 2010, Forte Knowledge focuses on intensive and specialized IT training and career services that lead our graduates to better jobs. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, at Forte we create talented testers and developers. We recognize the importance of progressive technology education, updating skill sets in order to keep up with today’s job market.  Accredited by Illinois Technology Association and Illinois Board of Higher Education. The courses combine theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to strengthen technical knowledge and help students reach a new level of their IT career. All Forte instructors are highly qualified working experts and teach the most up to date tools.

Steve Kreynin
President & Founder
Steve started a company that would help people find jobs. He began by training people at an IT computer training center, and through his connections found jobs for those he trained. This is how his company was founded – on a genuine desire to help people succeed and provide for their families. Ultimately, this lead to the creation of Forte Knowledge, an IT training center with a goal of retraining people in the most current and sought-after technologies.

Vera Kimmi
Vera Kimmi
Account Manager at Forte Group
Vera has a Masters Degree in Education from Ulyanovsk State University in Russia. She has been working with Forte Group for 5 years. In 2009, when it became increasingly clear that education and mentoring is a big part of a company, Vera spearheaded the creation of Forte Knowledge. A true connector, Vera works with many Chicago companies to pair up our graduates with the best internship opportunities.

Nadiya Kifyak
Senior Recruiter at Forte Group
Nadiya has over seven years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Recruitment. She is self-managed, disciplined with demonstrated initiative and a track record of producing results. Excellent interpersonal skills and experience building relationships with candidates, internal customers and business partners. Nadiya helps Forte Knowledge find top notch instructors and build relationships Forte Group recruiters.


Benson Kamary
Benson Kamary
Admissions Advisor
Benson has over 5 years of experience in Communication, Instruction and Professional Education. He completed his graduate studies in Education from South Korea and earned master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Fort Hays State University, Kansas. Benson manages the overall recruitment, admissions & enrollment strategies for Forte Knowledge. He is passionate about helping learners fit into their desired professional training that will enable them to discover greater opportunities.

Ory Voloshyn-Bryska
Academic Advisor
Ory has a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and Teaching, with 10 years of experience in the education industry. Her teaching experience and proficiency in linguistics enable Ory to best help students during their studies at Forte Knowledge by coaching them and helping them with the preparation of their resumes.

Admissions Advisor
Maria Kuzhda is Forte Knowledge’s recruitment specialist. She helps prospect students understand the courses offered and requirements for admissions. Maria graduated from Ternopil National Economic University with master’s in international economics. She enjoys travelling, meeting new people and creating successful business relations.

Yurii Karpyshyn
Yurii Karpyshyn
Recruitment Specialist
Yurii is Forte Knowledge`s Recruitment Specialist. He helps prospects to understand about courses offered and requirements for admissions. He has a master`s Degree in Finance, Banking and Insurance from Ternopil National Economic University. Yurii enjoys utilizing his communication skills to get acquainted with new people and help them connect with new opportunities. With great ambitions, he is ever-ready to create successful business and professional relations.


Natalya Ostrovskaya, PMP, ITIL
Project Management Instructor
Natalya, has a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Project Management from DePaul University. She is PMP certified by PMI since 2002. With 15 years of information systems and project management experience working for Fortune 500 companies, she helps students achieve their full potential through Interview Preparation and various Project Management classes and seminars.

Cleber Baldan Junior
QTP Test Automation Selenium Instructor
Cleber has been working as a Automation Tester for over five years he obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA), Computer Software Engineering at Veris. Being such a miscellaneous person, Cleber conducts proactive classes getting students interested in the subject as well as providing them with profound theory and hands-on experience during practical classes.

Chris Ensign
Android Development Instructor
Chris is a highly-motivated Software Engineer with a breadth of knowledge and experience covering many different areas of computing, including Mobile Development, Desktop Applications, Firmware, Drivers, and Web Applications. Chris has expertise in Java development with a primary emphasis on Android and Standard Edition Applications. Chris is in ever-lasting whirl of self-education and improvement. Having obtained a B.S in Computer Science, Chris has the expertise and experience to be a perfect candidate to teach the Android Development Course at Forte Knowledge.

Dan Rothman
Java Development Instructor
Dan’s been a Software Developer and Consultant since 1985 and has worked with mainframes, mini computers, PCs and mobile devices over a long career. Though most of Dan’s career has been spent working in the financial industry on Wall Street, he has also worked for legal firms, retail businesses such as Henri Bendel, and government agencies such as the School Construction Authority of NYC. He even once worked as a computer forensics consultant for the US Postal Inspection Unit, securing evidence used to prosecute interstate criminals. More recently he has been a Web Application, Internet, and Mobile Product Developer. He has extensive experience in Java, and plans to continue developing within the realm of current and future platforms.

Yemi Akisanya
Manual Testing Instructor
Yemi Akisanya is an innovative and goal oriented Senior Quality Assurance Analyst with over 6 years of Financial Market Industry, including 9 years in Technology where he has held positions as Senior and Lead Quality Assurance Analyst and is currently a Senior Business Analyst in the New Product Development Group of OCC. In his current role, Yemi serves as a liaison between the external business customers – exchanges, members vendors – and OCC’s internal organizations including IT, operations, membership services and legal, in order to provide technical and procedural solutions to meet user needs. Possesses expertise in derivatives clearing, as well as an understanding of the IT and clearing organization’s systems and capabilities. Yemi serves as the Business Subject Matter Expert and is responsible for writing System Requirement Specifications (SRS) and leading and facilitating the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Anthony Vizza
Anthony Vizza
Manual Testing Instructor
Tony began his software career in the mid-1970s designing, coding, and testing mainframe software applications. Over time, he migrated from design and development to software support and training. Eventually, he landed in Quality Assurance, first as a tester and analyst, and then finally as a manager.Through all those career transitions, there was one constant: the desire to mentor and teach others in the art and technique of Software Quality Assurance. Tony believes that you need a “why” for any worthwhile endeavor. The “why” is your mission. He likes to instill this sense of mission and pride in each student as part of basic software testing training. A clear, inspirational picture of your mission + solid foundational training in the skill of software testing = a rewarding, successful career. That’s Tony’s teaching formula and philosophy

Gustavo Pontinha
Gustavo Pontinha
Java Advanced Instructor
Gustavo has been a software developer for 18 years, 14 of them using Java and related technologies. He switched from tech support to software development very early in his career, working for media, insurance, technology, e-commerce and financial companies, such as IBM, Scotiabank and CME. Most of his development was focused on the back end, but has plenty of experience on front-end development as well, on both web and Swing applications. He’s become a Java developer starting with Java 1.3 and has used every single version up to the most recent one, Java 8. And can’t wait for the next version to be released!

Dasha Daniyalian
Dasha Daniyalian
QA 101 Instructor
Dasha Daniyalian has been in IT industry for more than 5 years. She is currently a Software Test Engineer API (Application Program Interface) and Virtualization at Foot Locker. She has previously worked as a Python/Rudy Developer, TS (Traffic Server) Quality Assurance Manager, Senior Quality Assurance Lead, Automation/Manual QA Specialist among other software quality assurance projects. Dasha is not a stranger to Forte Knowledge. She completed her QA training at Forte Knowledge, entered into IT industry taking various IT roles and rising in ranks. She returned to Forte Knowledge as a QA Manual Testing Instructor with passion and commitment to help others achieve their training and career goals. We are pleased that Dasha is once again sharing her vast experience, skills and network with our students. Importantly, we hope that learners will take their training experience as an exceptional opportunity to attain up-to-date knowledge and practical skills as they shape their career paths in the ever-growing IT industry.

Sergii Opanasiuk
Sergii Opanasiuk
QA Manual /Java / Automation Selenium Instructor
Sergii is Senior Software Development Engineer in Test with more than 10 years of experience in the software development field (with 7 years in test automation) and has been working in 4 different countries and various company types (from startups to fortune500 ones). For the last 3 years he was responsible for mentoring interns and junior engineers. Sergii always has his finger on the pulse of the industry and follow modern technologies and techniques in software developing and testing.