Android Development

Becoming an Android developer opens a world of endless possibilities, giving you the opportunity to take wild ideas and turn them into real applications available to billions of people across the globe. With study and hard work, anyone can learn the skills necessary to create and share their vision with the world.Chris Ensign

Android Development

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Our Android Development Training Program is your ticket to learning the hottest technologies on the market today.

Have you been working as a Java developer? Want to move your career to the next level? Do you want to be on the edge of technological advancement? Join Forte Knowledge Android App Dev Training! During the two level Android Development Program, you will dive deep into Android SDK and learn about the tools, APIs, and development processes associated with the construction of next generation Android applications. Using a process known as continuous integration, you will construct a portfolio-worthy application that can be used to get the job of your dreams!
MD 102 and 103: Android Development (128 hours)

Through the course of this Android development program you will learn the key concepts that Android developers need to understand to build a mobile app. This Android Development course dives deep into Android SDK and teaches about the tools, APIs, and development processes associated with the construction of next generation Android applications. During the course you will construct portfolio-worthy applications that can be used in your job search. Intensive and hands-on, this 4 month course emphasizes becoming productive quickly as an Android application developer. This course covers the fundamentals of Android application development including Advanced UI Techniques, media, data storage and retrieval, integration, widgets and security. Developers will increase their depth of knowledge in Android programming and explore the uses of the various advanced techniques and development patterns. The starting salary is estimated at $80 000. With career opportunities as Android Developer, Mobile Developer, Product Developer, Software Developer or Web Application Developer. Next session begins on 25 October.

Chris Ensign

B.S in Computer Science, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

About instructor

Chris is a highly motivated Software Engineer with a breadth of knowledge and experience covering many different areas of computing, including Mobile Development, desktop applications, firmware, drivers, and web applications. Chris has expertise in Java development with a primary emphasis on Android and Standard Edition Applications. Chris is in ever-lasting whirl of self-education and improvement. Having obtained a B.S in Computer Science, Chris has the expertise and experience to be a perfect candidate to teach the Android Development Course at Forte Knowledge.